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Welcome to the INSTAINFANTRY Docs: A Definitive Guide to Instagram Automation and Growth Hacking in 2024!

I am GreyHatNik, the owner of INSTAINFANRY and a long-time running black-hat marketer with over 8 years of experience underneath my belt. I’ve spent the better part of the last decade working with a large variety of businesses and public figures, helping those with limited access to traditional marketing channels find solutions through automated growth hacking strategies. If you’re keen to learn more about my background, check out my “Origins” blog post where I dive deep into how I inadvertently became an expert in the field of SMM automation.

For those that are only now first discovering INSTAINFANTRY, you may be surprised to learn that InstaInfantry used to be a downloadable software that users had to host and run themselves in a Windows OS environment. It was built specifically for running Mass DM campaigns with limited customization for most other traffic generation strategies. We’ve come a long way since 2021 and now, users are able to not only use INSTAINFANTRY on any OS of their choice but access it through just about any preferred web browser and any computer/mobile device. We’ve also added various new ways of reaching your desired target audience such as automated story reactions and Welcome DMs, giving users a plethora of new ways they can funnel and convert Instagram users.

Myself and my co-developer try our best to keep InstaInfantry’s interface and mechanics as user-friendly as possible but Instagram automation is inherently complex at times. For that reason, I’ve created these documentation guides for new users to follow when just starting out. In these documentation guides, I hope to not only give y’all a breakdown of how to properly operate the tool’s various features but also explain the purpose of their existence and how it impacts our ability to execute various methods of traffic generation on Instagram. Ultimately, I want these documentation guides to serve as a quintessential handbook for anyone daring to foray into the world of black hat marketing, regardless of whether you intend to use my tool or not. I’ll be updating this section regularly as we continue to roll out more features but for quick alerts and updates, feel free to subscribe to our Telegram channel for on-demand notifications.

If you are a non-technically savvy person and have no interest in managing your own accounts/infrastructure/funnels, you are welcome to utilize our Done-For-You services where we handle the entirety of the mechanical aspects on your behalf while leaving the human element side of things in your hands such as target audience selection. For sales-related questions, please check out the GHM Shop or use the following contact methods below to get in touch:

GHM Shop: greyhatmarketing.sellpass.io

IF Telegram Channel: t.me/instainfantry

Telegram: @GreyHatNik

Discord: @GreyHatNik

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