Dealing with Relogins

Relogins are probably the most frequent technical error that clients will encounter when using InstaInfantry. It’s hardly ever a cause for concern and simply an unavoidable annoyance that comes with running automation.

In the vast majority of cases, all it really means is that the session of the account was terminated and requires a new session by re-logging into the account. You’ll need to simply delete that account from InstaInfantry and import it again by following the same process as depicted in the “Adding Accounts into InstaInfantry” section.

However, if upon doing so, you are greeted with another error stating some variation of “SendChallengeCode”, that means the account must resolve some sort of checkpoint or challenge before it can proceed with its regular activities. InstaInfantry is not capable of resolving these sorts of challenges and you’ll need to use either a real device or an emulator to log into the account in order to resolve it.

Unless you have a ton of real devices just lying around at home, I would recommend using another tool to handle this issue. If you’ve been running purely on android devices, then you are welcome to simply download the Android APK on your computer and emulate a real android mobile environment on your pc to traverse to checkpoint. The same applies to iOS. However, if you want a pre-packaged SaaS that allows you to easily choose between both environments and allows you to duplicate environments across different device IDs, I recommend using They have a forever free plan for two devices so you could theoretically just keep cycling through the two devices, deleting and resetting them to handle all of your account relogins without ever needing to upgrade.

There’s tons of other similar tools out there besides AdsPower that offer the exact same functionality so feel free to experiment. I’ve had quite a few InstaInfantry clients so far ask me, “Nik, why can’t you just add the same functionality to InstaInfantry so we don’t need to use other tools?”. The answer to that isn’t because its too hard or difficult to implement but because of how resource-intensive hosting functionality like this is. You must remember that InstaInfantry is a web-hosted software whereas AdsPower is a self-hosted software that you must download onto your own PC. To add something like that to IF would basically quadruple my hosting costs on clusters so unfortunately, there’s no foreseeable future where this will be a feature without me skyrocketing the prices for each plan.

Upon manually logging into the account using a device/emulator, you’ll see the sort of checkpoint you’re dealing with and how bad the situation for the account potentially is. However, if you search up the affected account’s username and have no problem locating it/visiting the profile, you are likely facing a lower severity checkpoint that is easily resolvable. The following subsections will cover each of the potential “challenges” you’ll need to face and what their expected level of severity is.

A one out of ten on the severity scale basically equates to just a minor annoyance with almost no detrimental impact having been made on the accounts besides maybe a temporary decrease in trust score. Whereas a ten out of ten on the severity scale basically means you may as well just forget about the account and move on as it is basically unsalvageable. Generally, I avoid dealing with any checkpoints that are above a 9 in severity unless we are dealing with King accounts. A score of 7 and above in severity is where I throw in the towel on most customized infantry accounts and a score of 5 or greater is when I give up on most generic infantry accounts. Now, let’s start this off with one of the most common and easiest to resolve challenges:

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