The Use of Accelerators

Having covered some of InstaInfantry’s traffic generating features, let’s move onto another aspect of automation that you may find useful when it comes to preserving your accounts - the use of accelerators. I’m gonna keep this section a bit brief as it’s not a drastically important feature for people running traffic generation strategies at scale but it’s important for those who are attempting to automate highly valuable accounts that they cannot afford to lose such as growth service providers or the like.

An accelerator is essentially an account that we use to offload an infantry account’s more “mediocre” actions such as scraping and parsing. You can think of them as something akin to a scout whose job it is to go procure information on behalf of our infantry accounts. In a hierarchical structure, they’d be the lowest ranked recruit, making up the very bottom rung of the pyramid.

When you connect accelerator accounts to any main account within the platform, the risk of your primary infantry account getting flagged decreases by about 5 - 10%. You may say, “Nik, that’s almost nothing” and in a way, you’d be right but when you’re running clients’ personal accounts and need to employ whatever measures you can to decrease the likelihood of that account falling prey to a ban, you gotta do what you gotta do. Accelerator accounts will unfortunately take up an equal amount of space and resources as any primary infantry account without the benefit of actually generating traffic. They’re only really there to limit the amount of API calls your primary account makes which is why I don’t think they’re very useful for practitioners that are using dozens or hundreds of the same clone accounts to generate traffic. You’re better off simply using that extra slot that would otherwise be dedicated to an accelerator to another main infantry account and generate more traffic.

I personally only use accelerators for my InstaInfanry Custom Accounts service that I offer in the GHM Shop for clients running anywhere between 1 - 5 accounts. The sort of clients who purchase that service are generally giving me their own or their clients’ personal Instagram profiles and I add at least several accelerators to them to keep them as safe as possible. Having any of these accounts perish would basically bring the service to an end so the more preventative measures I take, the better my chances are of avoiding angry clients. For 100+ accounts and up, I don’t use any accelerators as 2 - 5% account deaths throughout the duration of the service would not be too impactful on the results and can be easily replaced later on.

To add accelerators into IF, enable the function “Connect accelerators”

Once enabled, navigate over to the search bar and you should see all of your inactive accounts appear below. If all of your accounts are active in the Reactions module, none of them can be used as accelerators and thus, will not appear in the search bar. You’ll need to deactivate them before you can convert their status from a main/primary account to an accelerator.

As you use InstaInfantry to engage with your target audience, you will hopefully begin to generate a lot of leads. These targeted users visiting your account will potentially reach out via DMs to ask about a post or to inquire about your services. Rather than going through and reading dozens of messages one by one, you can use InstaInfrantry’s automated DM module to reply to those DMs and help funnel them over to your desired locations. Here are some of the features that can help you cash in on your prospective leads: Send DMs, Reply to Pending DMs, and Welcome DMs.

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