Strategy #6's Pros:

Streamlined Trajectory

As explained in the previous methods, having a simplistic funnel trajectory alleviates the many possibilities of abandonment and results in a much better growth to action ratio. With this strategy, the target user is almost guaranteed to see the post/piece of content your infantry accounts have tagged them on.

Highly Scalable and Efficient

The set-up/prep-time to get this method up and running takes almost no time at all. All you need to do is purchase a bunch of cheap, throwaway accounts and import them into the old InstaInfantry tool. If you want bigger volumes, you simply buy and import more accounts and proxies into the software.

This and the Mass DM strategy are probably the easiest strategies to learn how to execute as they are very straightforward and don’t require any strong technical knowledge of warm up cycles or trust scores in order to run effectively. Makes it very easy to deliver traffic on behalf of others as a service provider.

One Action Yields a Lot of Targeted Exposure

Similar to the previous method’s pro, you can capture the attention of many potential users with just a singular action. When executing this strategy, I usually set the limit of tagged users to about seven per comment. That means, theoretically, you can convert as many as seven users with just one comment.

What’s even better is that this approach eliminates one of the cons mentioned in the “King/Infantry - Commenting” strategy, hence the use of the word “targeted” within this pro. That entire tangent I wrote about CPR? No longer an issue here. You’ll only be reaching targets whom you want to reach and the notification they’ll receive as a result serves as the metaphorical finger-pointing. The personalized outreach begets a stronger inclination for users to see why they were tagged. This, in turn, culminates into a greater amount of eyeballs on your selected post and subsequently, more potential conversions for your King’s content.

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