Strategy #4's Cons:

Longer Funnel Trajectory

Due to the nature of this strategy, the funnel isn’t as direct as it is with the previous strategies where we use customized King/Infantry accounts. That means that our action to growth ratio won’t be as good when compared to regular story reactions that drive traffic immediately to the King/Pretending-to-be-King Infantry accounts for more optimized funneling.

Having said that though, if you are purchasing Pyramid as a service, you will get MUCH better results out of it at smaller scales than you would purchasing IICA at small scales (assuming the use case is appropriate). With the number of running accounts you get for the smaller packages (minimum being 40) along with the increase in daily interactions, the more oblique nature of the funnel is fully mitigated by the sheer volume of traffic.

Not as Versatile as the InstaInfantry Custom Accounts Method

This is perhaps the biggest issue with this strategy. Unlike IICA, the use cases for this strategy are quite limited (mainly used for growth) and it is most effective for large market niches whose content is naturally engaging and converts very well on its own. Said niches/use cases include OnlyFans (or really anything remotely sexual), memes, sports pages, luxury pages, fan pages, etc. Basically any niche that has a huge audience on Instagram and is easy to grow in general.

Any pages that are overly unique (think art pages) or corporate (think legal services) will simply not perform at the same level as an OnlyFans model’s page would. If you’re a business or storefront with bland content that’s mostly centered around your products/services, you’re far better off following the InstaInfantry Customs Accounts trajectory and simply creating 100 identical accounts of your original page and using those to generate leads and traffic for yourself. A generic female account playing the role of a middleman will simply not perform well for use cases like that.

I obviously cannot predict how well each and every use case will work but if you believe your content is naturally engaging and will convert well so long as we get it in front of the right people, then you are certainly welcome to give it a go. I’m just relaying my past experiences of running this strategy for clients in some of the more obscure niches so take that piece of information as you will.

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