Device used to MAKE an account

Instagram is well aware of the massive account farming operations being single handedly driven by rooted Android phones. iPhones, on the other hand, command a greater degree of trust because there are practically zero readily available apps capable of spoofing all the info iOS requires. The jailbreaking process is far more cumbersome than Android’s and is generally just a bigger pain in the ass to deal with. If one has a choice between making an account via Android or iPhone, iPhone-manufactured accounts are typically viewed as being superior.

With that being said, all the accounts I use for my own operations as well as the accounts sold in the GHM Shop are android-generated. They have no issues performing up to the standard of iOS generated accounts once they reach a certain point in their warm-ups. Will they have lower action limits starting out in comparison to iOS-made accounts? Most likely, yes. But does paying 10x more for iOS-generated accounts justify the couple of days you’ll save in your warm-up routine? Maybe or maybe not. In my opinion, it certainly doesn’t justify the drastic increase in cost and that’s why I’ll continue using android-based generation for all of my botting operations.

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