We are coming up to the end of the InstaInfantry docs and I’m well aware that I’ve yet to cover much of the technical trouble side of things. Now, I anticipate a lot of people reading/using this guide who may not have any intention to use the InstaInfantry software and are using/plan to use another tool. Hence, I will try to make this chapter more inclusive of those people and cover not just the technical issues associated only with InstaInfantry but also cover all of the various blocks, bans and checkpoints any account running on any sort of software is likely to encounter.

I do this because Instagram’s imposed limitations are universal, regardless of what software or script you use. If you’re running a large enough botting operation, you are bound to face dozens of checkpoints, action blocks and relogins on a near daily basis. I suppose that’s one of the misconceptions about social media automation - there’s hardly anything “automated” about it. You’ll need to be vigilant and check the state of your operation daily if you are to succeed within this venture. Dealing with verification requests, replacing accounts, resting accounts. All of those things require a manual vetting process until you can establish proper automation systems without destroying the accounts in the process. You can certainly get an intern or a virtual assistant to do these things for you but it requires human intervention nonetheless.

So as a parting note, let’s cover all of the potential blocks and penalties you’ll come across when automating IG accounts and the correct way of traversing through each of them.

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