Story Reactions

The Story Actions feature is arguably the most valuable feature offered by InstaInfantry that really separates it from the rest of the black hat tools being offered on the market. To the best of my knowledge, no other major tool offers as much story-specific functionality as InstaInfantry does. It is personally my #1 choice of feature for generating traffic to my infantry accounts and I’ll explain why shortly.

The core functionality of the story reactions feature is that it enables your infantry accounts to interact with regular Stories, Story Polls, Poll Sliders, Quizzes, Countdowns, and Answers. You may be thinking, “But Nik, what is so impressive about simply interacting with users’ stories? Why would this be your favorite action?” The answer to that is quite straightforward. Interactive stories are a relatively new addition to Instagram, very few tools have plotted out the APIs responsible for interacting with them. But the biggest selling point of using it for traffic generation is that Instagram has set very high rate limits for what’s an acceptable quantity of stories you can interact with daily. Currently, the default instainfantry setting for story reactions is set to 2.2k per day with story views oftentimes exceeding well over 10k. And keep in mind that these values are what we consider to be “safe”. Realistically, you can easily do over 4-5k reactions per day without getting blocked assuming your accounts have a high enough trust score. Compare that to the safe values of follows (200) and safe values of regular posts (600) and you’ll understand why I favor story reactions so heavily for generating traffic.

Story reactions work particularly great if you’re in a niche that uses naturally engaging content to promote your offerings such as OnlyFans. A user sees that some random, attractive girl interacted with their content and feels the proclivity to go and check out her page. Once on the botted page, he’ll be presented with more content and may even follow the page. Once he follows the page, you can enable a “Welcome DM” to be sent (which we’ll cover in the Direct Messaging section further in the guide), further enticing the user to either go to a specific profile or click on the link in bio. This component of the method is imperative to operate the InstaInfantry Pyramid Strategy and can deliver massive amounts of traffic to pages when utilized effectively.

But even with these seemingly genuine interactions, you may not want to bombard the same users over and over again, especially if you’re operating in an industry that has a huge market of available targets. In that case, you can choose to limit your story reaction limit with the same users to only once every certain amount of days, with once every 30 days set as the default. However, if you are working in a smaller market industry and don’t have all that many users you can target, decreasing the limit to once every 2-3 days will ensure repeated exposure and will result in higher conversion rates. It’s largely up to you as the user to decide what will be most conducive for your goals.

If your primary objective is to reach as many users as possible as quickly as possible, then enabling just “Masslooking” and “Like stories” and setting the algorithm to “Advanced” will speed up the process of outreach quite significantly. The amount of API calls needed to execute the actions will decrease drastically enabling the accounts to only focus on viewing stories and liking them.

Like Highlighted Stories” is useful if a large percentage of the users you are targeting have no active stories posted on their accounts. This lets you still reach them but just not at the same speed as regular, active stories. That being said, this feature leans a bit more on the dangerous side and increases the likelihood of getting your Infantry accounts banned by around 15%-20%. Useful if you’re working with a very small market niche but will certainly come at a cost.

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