Strategy #3's Verdict: 🟢

As you probably could’ve predicted by the amount of Pros I’ve listed out, the verdict for this strategy is a very positive one. It has a great action-to-growth ratio, is not very spammy, your Infantry’s lifespan can last for ages, and once you have it down pat, you can generate large amounts of traffic with this strategy. The steep upfront cost is obviously a pretty large deterrent but once you get a solid sense of your Infantry’s limits, you won’t need to restock on Infantry accounts for a while. It ironically even becomes one of the more cost-effective methods in the long run.

Overall, I vote yes on this strategy. I still use it extensively to this day and offer it for sale in the GHM Shop.

Now with this verdict out of the way, let’s move onto the strategy I’ve referenced like a dozen times already and a highly useful counterpart to the InstaInfantry Custom Accounts Strategy - InstaInfantry Pyramid.

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