Strategy #9's Cons:

Not Reliable Whatsoever

Unlike the other methods, there’s no guarantee of any upside whatsoever, however small it may be. There’s no targeted outreach happening here which means you’re entirely dependent upon the algorithm for any and all exposure just like any other white-hat, Instagram user.

Unlike with all of the previous strategies I’ve covered, you’re not brute-forcing your way into traffic by virtue of interacting with your targets anymore. Instead, you’re basically doing a ton more work for the increased chance that your prayers to the algorithm get answered with increased organic reach. It sort of goes against the Philosophy I covered in the introduction since we’re basically back in the same spot of being subservient to a piece of code for bringing us our leads and traffic.

With that said though, I’ve personally seen this strategy work a few times but you’ll definitely not be seeing results every time you implement it. If that were the case, I’d have abandoned all the other strategies we’ve covered in a heartbeat and only ever utilize this. I can’t even really give you any concrete figures of the likelihood because there are far too many variables involved but I reckon it’s sub-1%. What I can say though is that it appears to work much better for accounts that have already seen some level of growth. Preferably ones sporting a following between the 5k and 30k range.

If you just have five followers and they all interact with your post, nothing will really happen. The algorithm won’t deem it as an orgasmic piece of content that everyone must see and won’t push it to people with an interest in your niche. You’ll certainly need more people hyping it up for that to be viable.

Necessitates a Sizeable Investment

If you were to maximize the probability of this strategy performing well, you’ll need quite a few accounts to make that viable. Accounts that are 10k and up with a minimum 7% engagement rate tend to receive the most love from the algorithm in my experience. If your King is exhibiting a 2% natural engagement rate, you’ll need to make up the 5% difference with artificial exposure. Depending on how big the account is, that may be a hell of a lot of Infantry for something that’s not a sure thing. Now, it’s not necessarily a complete waste as we’ll typically utilize the infantry to run other strategies anyways but it’s still quite a big prerequisite for anyone just starting out.

You’ll also be spending a massive amount on the proxies themselves but again, if you’re using them for other purposes, you can think of this method as more of a side-mission for them considering the accounts will only need to run for a couple of minutes max before completing all of their needed actions for this strategy (liking, commenting, and story viewing the King’s content).

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