Strategy #7's Verdict: 🟢

I may have sounded a little harsh in my cons but this strategy gets the greenlight in my book despite being pretty saturated. It can generate a ton of traffic and leads in as little as under an hour by a practitioner with little to no prior knowledge of Instagram automation. I firmly believe it to be amongst the easiest of strategies to learn off the bat.

That’s largely why when I sell the Mass DM Infrastructure Packages, it only takes me an hour to demo the tool and run a campaign together with my client’s chosen text and targeting. This is in stark contrast to strategies utilizing the current version of InstaInfantry like IICA or Pyramid where small issues will pop up throughout the month that need your constant attention and monitoring.

Like I mentioned in the Mass Mentions verdict, I do not offer Mass DMs as a service anymore but if you’re interested in acquiring the old version of InstaInfantry Mass DM bot and running your own Mass DM campaigns, you are welcome to do so by purchasing the infrastructure package from the GHM Shop. It comes with all of the essentials you need to start DMing tens of thousands of users per day. And if you need to scale up fast, introduction to my account vendors is included in the package for those looking to send millions of DMs per day immediately.

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