The Send DM Feature

Finally, we come to our last DM-related module that InstaInfantry offers - the Send Direct Messages feature. This feature enables you to have your Infantry accounts send DM requests to targeted users and is the core function behind running Mass DM campaigns. This tool is particularly useful for getting directly to the point as it allows you to get your offer directly in front of your leads without any action taken on their part, unlike most other methods. However, the direct nature of the strategy does come with a plethora of downsides which can severely impact the longevity of your infantry accounts. One HUGE RISK that comes with this feature is that you will be sending DMs to users who don’t follow your account. This means that your messages will be redirected to the requests folder, giving users an easy-to-see report button at the bottom of the message to report your message and/or account, thus decreasing the account’s trust score or, even worse, having that account banned entirely.

While this feature is a bit on the riskier side, it does come with precautions that you can use, should you decide to activate the Send DM feature. Under this feature you will be given the option to set how often your Infantry account interacts with the same users for DMs and also the option to set the speed at which it sends out DMs. To designate the exact message you want your infantry accounts to disseminate, you’ll need to navigate to the Message Templates section and save the text you want to be sent out under the specified function “Send DM”.

By default, the Send DM feature has the frequency of messages at Once per 30 Days for accounts you’ve already sent messages to, and at 30 DMs per day for the speed at which your Infantry accounts send DMs. If you want to avoid messaging the same users twice, simply make sure to use different targeting sources when relaunching the same campaigns 30 days later. The speed of 30 DMs per day is the maximum safe speed for your accounts assuming the infantry account has a high trust score. However, most infantry accounts that are less than a year old and have a limited cookie history will likely not be able to send 30 DMs per day so you’ll need to build up to that value gradually, even if using the pre-warmed, aged infantry accounts purchased from the GHM SellPass Shop. There’s no exact methodology for doing so but you’ll likely want to take at least a few weeks to warm up your DM-sending capabilities, upping the daily speed by five DMs incrementally as you go along.

Some other safety precautions include using spintax to craft custom messages to each user, the same as what I’ve covered in the Pending and Welcome DMs sections above, and rather than trying to sell them something or directing them to your main account at the very first message, you could send more generic messages to hopefully attract more positive reactions or responses from users before attempting to sell them on your product/offering. This will decrease the likelihood of which you will be reported for spam and get your more “salesy/spammy” messages in the general inbox of your leads.

With all this being said it SHOULD BE NOTED: Only use the Send DM feature at your own risk. Even when using this feature safely, there is still a risk of being reported by users who receive messages from your accounts. Being reported puts your Infantry accounts at risk of being flagged, action blocked, or banned entirely. Unless you are prepared to lose your accounts at a much higher frequency, you should avoid using this feature in its entirety. The new version of InstaInfantry was designed with account longevity in mind and is not conducive to running high-risk, churn-and-burn strategies like Mass DM. If your primary objective is to send out millions of spammy DMs at scale and you have no intention of having an ongoing discussion with those users similar to what’s depicted in the image below, then the old version of InstaInfantry that was just a DM bot will be far more useful to you than the web-based IF tool.

The software for running this strategy is still available for sale under the “Mass DM Infrastructure Package” in the GHM SellPass Shop. The package comes with the software license, one 4G proxy, 500 auto-generated Infantry accounts, and an hour-long, live demo via AnyDesk where we set up and execute a campaign of your choice. Just please note that this is a self-hosted software meaning you will need to download and run it on your own Windows PC/Server, unlike the new InstaInfantry software which is hosted by me via the web. If you need recommendations for a Windows virtual server that’s perfect for hosting this tool, please reach out to me directly via Telegram (@GreyHatNik) or email (

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