The Reactions Module

The Reactions Module is a powerful tool that takes your lead generation efforts to the next level as it encompasses the entirety of all available user outreach options. It’s basically the core selling point of InstaInfantry as a tool and is vital in the execution of any black hat strategy that we’ll be discussing later on in the guide. This is what you’ll ultimately be using to drive traffic towards your King account(s) or any other link/website/platform of your choosing.

Here, you will find a wide array of actions you can automate through InstaInfantry. Actions whose sole intent is to bring eyeballs on your desired infantry accounts.

Before we get to the actual automation, let’s first discuss the basics of targetology. You don’t want your Infantry accounts interacting with just any random user it finds on Instagram. Remember that each account, regardless of its trust score, will have a limited amount of actions (API requests) it can do on a daily basis. Some accounts can do more, others less. But to maximize your action-to-conversion ratio, you need to be selective with who your infantry accounts interact with.

This is where the Targeting feature comes in. Targeting essentially allows you to choose where your infantry accounts draw their pools of target users to interact with. You can choose to target the followers of specific pages/people, target users who use certain hashtags, target those who published posts with a specific location geotag (Places), or even just use the exact IDs of users whom you’ve scraped using another tool. This feature basically enables you to hone in on a specific type of user to ensure you’re only spending your limited interactions on people with a higher-than-average likelihood of being receptive to what you’re promoting.

If you’re promoting an OnlyFans model for example, perhaps your best choice for targeting is to simply use followers of models who share similar characteristics to yours, whether it be by race, body type, niche/fetish, etc. If you’re a casino or sportsbooking provider, perhaps using followers of your competitors may be the way to go. If you’re a health supplement provider looking to find influencers, perhaps using specific “healthfluencer” hashtags will help you hone in on pages who promote a certain style of living. If you’re a restaurant, a brick-and-mortar store, or just about any localized business, using specific places within your locality/region is oftentimes the preferred choice. The possibilities for how you choose to hone in on your target audience are almost limitless so have a good think about where your ideal customer lies and how you can best find them. I’ll be discussing more about the topic of targeting in the Targetology section later in the guide.

To add a new target, first select the type of targeting you’re intent on doing from the multiple choice section. Once you’ve selected your desired category of actions, click on the search box and type in the account/hashtag/place you are looking for.

Click on your desired target once it appears in the search box and that target will be automatically saved to your list below.

To add a different type of target to the list, simply re-specify the variety of targets you want and type in the new target values into the search box.

As can be seen above, I’ve added a bunch of followforfollow hashtags for my infantry accounts to interact with. By choosing to target accounts who post under the FollowForFollow or LikeForLike hashtags (or any of their variations), your infantry accounts will potentially gain more followers, likes, and interactions by interacting with accounts that guarantee followers or likes back. This method will likely not generate a lot of leads for you but it is a good way to make your accounts look more legitimate through social proofing and gradually increase their trust scores in the process.

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