Upon inception, each account receives a negative trust score in the eyes of the algorithm. The longer an account exists with no identifiably suspicious activity, the higher its rating becomes. When it finally does decide to engage in some questionable activity, Instagram will be more lenient towards it given its age. It doesn’t do that because it values your loyalty but because the degree of vigilance it imposes upon that account has decreased over the period of time the account remained dormant. A brand new profile, on the other hand, does not receive the same level of hospitality. As soon as the algorithm is alerted to suspicious activity, it will not take mercy. It will swoop in and dole out penalties from the get-go. The rationale behind this process is to hinder people from having an unlimited supply of bots ready to go at a moment’s notice. It’s simply an impediment designed to keep automaters at bay which is why age is a very important factor within our theoretical formula of “ban probability”.

Take for example two common types of accounts: fresh and aged. In my experience, fresh accounts have a higher probability of being flagged by the algorithm as they have yet to build up their “trust” on the platform. Hence, when utilizing accounts of this caliber, it'll be prudent to set the initial parameters for moderate growth and implement a slow paced linear progression. An aged account, on the other hand, would have accumulated a greater degree of “trust” with Instagram by virtue of just existing on the platform. Aged accounts can be thrusted into more aggressive configurations right away as an action block is much less likely to result in an imminent ban for them in comparison to brand new accounts.

This is why accounts sold on the GHM SellPass Shop for the purposes of running the InstaInfantry Custom Accounts or the InstaInfantry Pyramid strategies are at a minimum one month old. It reduces their likelihood of instantly perishing as soon as they hit an action block (which is a highly common occurrence in the beginning stages of warm-ups) and enables users to launch their story reactions almost immediately instead of sitting and waiting for them to age.

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