Strategy #4's Verdict: 🟢

I may have sounded overly harsh in my cons but this strategy is absolutely OP for me as a traffic service provider. It’s extremely safe for delivering growth to your King accounts, your Infantry’s lifespan is relatively decent for the amount of traffic you gain out of it, and it has the shortest amount of prep-time out of all of the “scalable” strategies.

The only real issue with it is the lack of versatility and underperformance for the more esoteric niches or industries with less engaging content. However, if you are in a large market niche and want great results delivered fast with an unlimited potential for scale, this is certainly the strategy for you. I offer it as a fully managed service in the GHM Shop and it’s a much better alternative to IICA for individuals looking to test the waters of black hat growth without going all out for the custom accounts.

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