Strategy #2's Cons:

Still carries the risk of ban

Automating your King is never 100% safe, regardless of how well you do it. If the algorithm catches it (and across a long-enough time frame, it typically does), you effectively risk losing your account. Instagram doesn’t hesitate to punish those who violate their terms and conditions and getting the account back is not always a guarantee.

Having said this though, assuming you are following the strategy execution I’ve outlined above, your chances of losing the account permanently are quite low. In my experience, the chances of the King account dying when running this strat is about 0.6%. Without accelerators, that likelihood jumps up to about 1.5%. With Welcome DMs enabled, the likelihood jumps up to roughly 2.8%.

As you can see, the likelihood is still very low but for a lot of people/growth service providers, any degree of risk is virtually unacceptable. Because of that, this is an immutable con that comes with the strategy. For some, the risk may be worth the reward whereas for others, the risk far outweighs the reward. Take some time to assess your objectives and individual risk tolerance before deciding to run this strategy or purchasing it as a service from the GHM Shop.

Not scalable (if used for growth)

Despite being 1,100% more efficient than the follow/unfollow strategy, this variant of the story reactions strategy still falls prey to the same con: that you are limited in how many targets you can hit at once. Unlike some of the upcoming strategies which allow you to interact with several targets simultaneously, you can’t watch two stories at once without getting flagged. And watching stories 24-7 also looks extremely suspicious, even for the worst Instagram fiends out there. There must be a realistic balance in place which means your degree of growth will always be capped at the behavioral limits of your parameter settings.

However, this is only really a con for the King variant of this strategy as it is under assumption that the people who are utilizing this strategy are doing so for the purpose of growing the King account. If your primary objective is to generate and funnel traffic to your desired locations instead of gaining followers, then this method is easily scalable by just adding more accounts into the mix (which is what the following strategy, InstaInfantry Custom Accounts, is based on).

Doesn’t net as good of a follow per action ratio as F/UF does

Because we are no longer doing the actions we want users to reciprocate or mirror, users are likely to be less inclined to follow the account and instead either exchange story likes or like posts. For people that are accustomed to seeing followback rates of 10-15% per action when doing F/UF, to have that drop down to sub-1% may be a real blow.

However, because we are interacting with exponentially more users per day, even though our rate of return drops down significantly, the actual rate of growth in most cases exceeds what’s possible with F/UF. Most growth providers who claim to grow accounts entirely manually by hand with a ton of virtual assistants are likely only sticking to F/UF because of its rate of return per action executed. To have virtual assistants view 10,000 stories per day and like 2,200 of them would be far too time consuming and hurt their bottom line much more than following/unfollowing 200 users per day. But with automation involved, we have no such deterrents and thus, don’t really care about the decreased rate of return due to the massive increase in volume.

Keep in mind that we can still take advantage of the reciprocal nature of the story reactions strategy by using our own stories. This is actually a key component of the InstaInfantry Pyramid strategy which I’ll be covering later in the chapter.

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