Parameter Settings

This variable is the most complex one of all but also one that we are able to accumulate the most data for and map out accordingly. Parameter settings are what we use to dictate our bots and instruct them as to what actions to take and when to take them. It is a behavioral factor and one that carries the most significance in terms of ban probability. There are innumerable combinations of settings one can implement to reach the point of equilibrium I was talking about earlier. A sweet spot between efficiency of growth and few to no penalties. But to reach this highly sought-after state, one typically spends a lot of time and money gauging what works best commensurate with their set of existential variables.

It’s important to keep in mind that although this is likely the most important variable, it is still very much contingent upon the previously covered factors of any given account. That is why there is so much debate within this subset of Instagram automation. What seemingly works for one person would instantly lead to a penalty for another. In September of 2023, I had an account that was capable of liking up to 3,500 stories per day consistently. Many other practitioners said that such aggressive settings have been impossible to execute since early 2023 but my personal experience has proven that to be false. Its fate eventually did meet its demise at the hands of the algorithm but not before I was able to extract as much value out of it in a month than is possible with a batch of 3 conservatively programmed accounts.

Again, there is no definitive set of parameters which is sure to prevent penalties. But what is widely agreed upon is that each account should start off slow and increase its automated activity gradually over the span of a few weeks. The progression would typically look like this:


Story Interactions

Day 1

80 - 200

Day 2

100 - 200

Day 3

100 - 250

Day 4

150 - 400

Day 5

250 - 450

Day 6

300 - 800

Day 7

650 - 1200

Day 8

800 - 1200

Day 9

1000 - 1500

Day 10

1400 - 1800

Day 11

1650 - 1800

Day 12

1700 - 2200

And so on until you start receiving blocks. Once you begin receiving penalties, you know you’ve maxed out the degree of efficiency that is feasible with your account’s combination of existential variables. When you’re adding your accounts into the InstaInfantry Reactions module, InstaInfantry will automatically begin doing a warm-up routine on the account. It’ll start off relatively strong and depending on which stage of the warm-up cycle it encounters a limit, it’ll drop down by one and proceed with the rest of the programmed progression from there.

Aged accounts purchased from the GHM Shop will typically still need about 5ish days to build up to their maximum “safe” daily limit of 2.2k. Even aged, pre-warmed accounts will still need to undergo a brief warm up period after switching device user agents and IPs. Each account is bound to behave at least a little differently during its build-up phase as it’s impossible to control for all of the moving, dynamic variables during this stage. Anticipate some accounts moving along much faster in their warm up routine whilst others lag behind. It’s hard to say what the root cause of this discrepancy is as it can happen with virtually identical accounts, whose existential and behavioral variables match one another to a tee. It’s just one of the many headscratchers you can expect when running any sort of botting operations.

There’s also the matter of session limits, randomized interval actions, rest periods, etc. I’ll be covering some of these keywords in the Reactions module. The table I’ve posted above is a very generalized idea of what warm-ups look like as they are typically far more nuanced than that. Every advanced practitioner implements something a little different. Once you really get into the nitty gritty of automation, that’s where readily available information becomes scarce as everyone’s scared of having their individual methods uncovered and put to bed. Warm-up methods are one of those.

InstaInfantry does a good enough job simplifying this process for most beginners but this is something you may need to pay close attention to when using other tools or working with other platforms. InstaInfantry automatically executes small little actions that don’t have anything to do with story liking or traffic generation for the purpose of warming an account and building up its trust score. If you’re using other tools, try to see if they have features such as feed scrolling, site browsing, post saving, etc. You ultimately just want to have access to actions that don’t always result in increased exposure via notifications. Remember, the goal is to radiate “human vibes”. If your bot isn’t radiating human vibes, then it truly is not long for this world. In today’s social media environment, it will cease to exist nigh instantly.

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