Strategy #3's Pros:

Short Funnel Trajectory

Same as the last strategy, once the user checks their story views or sees the reaction notification, they will be brought straight to your account. No intricate or labyrinthine trajectory. Everything is kept simple and straightforward with the redirects.

Insanely High Daily Reach and Optimized Funneling

With the amount of targeted users you’re able to reach on a daily basis along with the advanced funneling options through DMs, you can generate potentially tens of thousands of highly-motivated visits to your link, website or main account per day.

Highly Versatile

Running this strategy at scale can net incredible results for just about any niche or use case. It’s great for both small and large market niches with minimal lead wastage.

Relatively Scalable

You have no bounds to adhere to with this method or any variation of it. So long as you have a steady supply of infantry, the sky's the limit and you could reach millions or even tens of millions of users per day if you wanted to.

The only issue with the scaling process of this strategy comes down to the wait times associated with generating and warming new custom accounts. Over time, a certain portion of these accounts will perish and you can’t easily replace them with another if you started with a limited quantity of them in the first place. You’d need to wait a couple of weeks until the next batch of custom accounts has been created and warmed before you can scale or replace.

Very Good Infantry Longevity

This method does a stellar job of keeping your infantry alive and well for extended periods of time. I’ve had some accounts last for years without inflicting any penalties, excluding the occasional action block or email/phone verification request. It’s obviously not as safe as how we run this strategy with King accounts as described in Strategy #2, but so long as you stay cautious of your InstInfantry’s existential and behavioral limits, you can milk the value out of your initial investment indefinitely.

I do not recommend using any of the Mass Actions functions for this strategy due to the higher risks involved. I know I said that we don’t have to worry as much about losing these accounts but we still wanna do our best to prevent losses. These accounts still take time to make and warm and we usually have a limited quantity of them due to the fact that they have to be custom-made. Having to generate and warm-up new custom infantry accounts can take several weeks so it’s best we try to keep our risk factor minimal. In the following InstaInfantry Pyramid strategy, that’s no longer a concern so stay tuned for the next method’s chapter.

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