A software or script is what we call an application that is programmed to execute various sequences of actions. It’s how we get the bots to behave and act in accordance with our needs. There are plenty of scripts out there for Instagram automation, both commercial and non-commercial besides just InstaInfantry. One very popular commercial alternative out there was Jarvee prior to them shutting down.

The reason this is believed to be an important behavioral variable is because not all bots are built the same. Something like InstaInfantry or Jarvee will generally have significantly more thought-out private API interaction principles than some random, bare-bones script you find on Github. But that’s not to say that certain “lower-level” scripts don’t have their own use cases.

Take for example the old version of InstaInfantry back when it was just a Mass DM bot. If you look it up on YouTube, you’d probably be able to find an old advertisement I had made for it about three years back. It had a significantly worse UI than the current web-version of InstaInfantry and it did not offer much in the way of iOS/Android API-emulation in the same manner the current version does. You couldn’t scroll through feed, propagate settings or warm accounts in any meaningful fashion. All it does is just take your accounts and immediately start sending out messages in the spammiest way possible. It was simply not built with account longevity in mind.

Having read this, you may assume that that version of InstaInfantry was a shittier option than the “evolved” version of it and you’d be somewhat right. However, in reality, the InstaInfantry Mass DM bot was and still is the best possible tool for running high-risk strategies like Mass DMs on it. I’m no longer promoting it as much anymore but it’s still up for sale in the GHM Shop under the Instagram Mass DM Infrastructure Package. The reason you wouldn’t want to run a strategy like Mass DMs on the new version of InstaInfantry is because of the following:

The old version of InstaInfantry imposes no limits on how many accounts you can run on it at any given time. That’s because the software is self-hosted and doesn't require much in the way of resources to automate a decent amount of accounts at once. In fact, just one running account only eats up about 30MB of RAM, meaning your average 8GB RAM laptop has the capability to run upwards of 150 accounts on the tool simultaneously before capping out (accounting for baseline memory availability). The new version of InstaInfantry, on the other hand, can eat up as much as 260MB worth of RAM per account depending on how many features/actions you enable it to do at once. That means your average laptop will likely only be able to run about 22ish accounts on it (accounting for baseline memory availability) before crashing.

This is because the new version of InstaInfantry has far more bloat within its code due to how it interacts with Instagram’s APIs. Those little snippets of code ultimately mean nothing in the grand scheme of traffic generation but mean everything when it comes to emulating a real human user’s behavior. That’s how we’re able to evade bans for extended periods of time while running strategies like InstaInfantry Custom Accounts and the InstaInfantry Pyramid. These methods of traffic generation are considered to be “low-risk” and thus warrant using software that compliments them in a similar manner i.e. automating accounts in a “low-risk” fashion.

If you’re ever in need of custom-made software for Instagram or other platforms/websites as part of our Custom Development Projects aka black-hat-devs-for-hire service in the GHM Shop, this is something you’ll need to account for in the scope of the project. If your objectives are more spam-like, don’t have account longevity in mind and don’t require an immense amount of vigilance with how the tool interacts with the platform, the scope and thus quote of the project will be significantly lower. However, if you’re keen on keeping your accounts alive for extended periods of time and ensuring your automation practices are as hard to detect as possible, anticipate having to invest far more into the development of your script to meet those objectives.

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