Strategy #1's Execution

To set this up in InstaInfantry, simply navigate to the Reactions module, open the Mass Actions tab and enable Follow amongst the available actions. Set your daily follow limit to whatever you deem to be safe for your accounts (I would not recommend that you set it anywhere above 200 per day, even for the strongest of accounts).

Once you’ve configured that, enable the unfollow feature and decide on a “safe” limit that meets your account’s current trust score levels. The default limit for both action types is set to 50 to remain on the safer side for the average account but stronger accounts can handle significantly higher limits after a proper warm-up (still not more than 200).

If you’re running this strategy for your clients’ King accounts and want to avoid unfollowing their original contacts, you can enable some of the preventative measures embedded in the action’s functionality.

Because this strategy centers around the automation of King accounts or clients’ personal accounts, it is highly recommended that you attach some accelerators to them. It will decrease your chances of getting the King account banned by about 10-15% as the work associated with finding relevant targets will now be handled by your connected accelerator accounts. Revisit the Accelerators section if you need a refresher on how to use them.

Once these two sections are configured and your targeting has been sorted, you’re ready to launch the campaign and test the effectiveness of this strategy for yourself.

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