Phone Verification

This is where we get into more serious territory but still hardly anything we’d throw a solid infantry account away over. Phone verifications are indeed a cause for concern and present a bigger pain in the ass to resolve in comparison to the other checkpoints we’ve covered so far but are not insurmountable. To resolve this checkpoint, you simply need to go through the SMS-verification process.

If you don’t have access to physical SIM cards like some advanced practitioners, you can use virtual service providers like SMS-PVA or the like. Simply top-up your balance, purchase a number with an area code of your choosing, enter the number into Instagram’s request field, and receive the code. It’s all a very intuitive process and eliminates the need to keep hundreds of physical SIM cards on stand-by. There are plenty of providers similar to SMS-PVA that are cheaper so do a bit of digging.

Once verified, you’ll need to dial back the pace you were going at prior to receiving the PV request. If you have yet to reach your Infantry limits, try to rest the account for a day or two before continuing the warm-up process.

And most importantly, if using virtual SIMs, never forget to immediately remove the phone number from the profile while you’re still logged into the device or emulator. Chances are, you’ll never get this number again and you won’t have the chance to change it after getting another PV request. If you are logged out without access to the phone number you used previously, you’ll be locked out of the account forever so make sure to remove it before you go back to reactivate the account in InstaInfantry.

Severity Level: 4.5/10

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