Strategy #2's Verdict

In my eyes, this strategy is very solid for generating moderate gains over extended periods of time and doesn't carry a very significant degree of risk so long as it is executed properly. For what it costs to execute and the results you can generate from it, I think this is a far superior alternative to the likes of F/UF.

If your objective is to gain real followers or generate interest/traffic for your offerings, this is a good option for that. I sell this strategy as a Done-For-You Service in the GHM Shop under InstaInfantry Custom Accounts. It is applicable to all packages of 10 accounts and under. Fifty accounts and up is reserved for the InstaInfantry Custom Accounts service for the purpose of traffic generation, not growth. If you’re a growth service provider looking to purchase this service in bulk to be used across dozens/hundreds of your clients’ personal/King accounts, please reach out to me directly for bulk pricing via Telegram/Discord (@GreyHatNik) or email (

With the verdict out of the way, let’s proceed to the following variation of literally the exact same story reactions strategy: InstaInfantry Custom Accounts but for the purposes of growth.

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