Strategy #7's Pros:

Highly Scalable and Efficient

This along with Mass Mentions are literally the easiest strategies to pick up as a newbie automation practitioner. It’ll take you less than an hour on average to mobilize, including the time you spend scraping the target audience. If you want bigger or smaller volumes, you simply just add or decrease the number of accounts you buy to later import into the tool.

In terms of ease of use, this strategy probably ranks higher than everything else due to the concerns regarding the “safety” of our infantry accounts basically being thrown out the window. The accounts will die and they will die fast and nothing you do will prevent that. It’s actually kind of freeing in a way since your margins will always just come down to how cheap you are able to acquire accounts for as opposed to how well you can optimize your warm-ups, delay or activity settings to further extend the lifeline of your infantry. It’s really the cornerstone of stability, barring any major IG updates.

Relatively Streamlined and Highly Versatile

Due to the medium through which we are interacting with our targets via this strategy, we are able to structure our funnel trajectory to be as optimized as possible. That means we can employ the use of Call-to-Action statements directly within our first interaction with the target user, making it possible for us to funnel only the most motivated of users over to the King.

The fact that we can text or message the user whatever we want also makes this strategy a lot more versatile, capable of delivering productive results for a wide variety of use cases and niches. It’s not really the greatest method of growing accounts in my experience (Pyramid and/ or IICA are far better suited for that purpose) but it can still perform relatively well for certain niches.

However, if you’re looking to simply generate leads for just about any business/industry in the fastest possible way, this strategy is probably most effective for that. Whether you’re an OnlyFans model, a real estate agent, a SaaS, an Instagram marketer, etc., you can literally find and reach out to any audience promoting just about any product or service you can think of. There really aren't any limiting factors with the degree of versatility this method grants you.

The only real downside is that unlike the current version of InstaInfantry, the old InstaInfantry bot does not support ongoing conversations. You cannot see replies, like responses or send “feeler” messages to gauge your target user’s interest levels. Instead, you sort of just have to lay it all out in one generic DM and hope that the message is persuasive enough to get them to convert. If you’re a lead generator, you’ll need to funnel the users to another account by saying “DM @xyz to get a free trial” or something along those lines with the @xyz profile added as an attachment below the message.That’s sort of the downside of using low-bloat software to automate accounts at scale and something you’ll need to make terms with when running a churn-and-burn strat like Mass DMs.

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