DMs, Message Customization, and Managing DMs with Chatters

At the very top of the Reactions module, you’ll find a section labeled as Message Templates.

This module allows you to bring an additional layer of customization to the automated messages sent by your Infantry accounts. Each DM-related feature in the Reactions module will have a text box beneath it for you to insert the message text but the Message Templates section will enable you to input different messages for your Infantry accounts to use intermittently throughout the day. This arsenal of Message Templates adds a human touch to your automated outreach, making it more engaging and less repetitive. To make the messages feel more genuine, you could even customize them to be more relevant to the niche that your accounts belong to, be it OnlyFans, jewelry, fashion, marketing services or whatever else it is that you are attempting to promote.

By incorporating this variety, you are not only making your Infantry accounts appear more human but also keeping them off Instagram's radar. Instagram closely monitors automated activities, and by sending the same message repeatedly, you risk having your accounts flagged or banned quicker in the long run. Using different Message Templates makes it more challenging for Instagram's algorithms to detect automated behavior, increasing the chances of your Infantry accounts maintaining higher trust scores and operating for months or even years without getting killed. I suggest you use this feature over the text boxes for optimal performance.

Incorporating spintax into your Message Templates is another valuable function. Spintax allows you to add dynamic elements to your messages, such as mentioning users' names or switching certain words for others. However, it's advisable to use their first names rather than usernames, as the latter can come across as less personal and even robotic, especially if the usernames contain numbers. Personalizing your messages by addressing users by their first names adds a more human touch to your outreach, making recipients feel like they are interacting with a real person, not a bot.

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