Temporary Lock / 24 Hour Review

This penalty occurs when you try to unsuccessfully resolve one of the prior checkpoints. It has a high probability of popping up after successfully resolving one of the more severe challenges. At this point, there’s not really much for you to do other than await your account’s sentencing. In my experience, there’s about a 60/40 chance that you'll either get permanently disabled or get lucky and have your account reinstated.

If the latter occurs, by all means, do not instantly jump back to executing automated actions. Rest the accounts for a minimum of three days. This is where your back-up Infantry comes in and takes over. If possible, do some manual browsing via the account and manually interact with content and users. But even then, this account will always be handicapped to a certain degree and I personally wouldn’t anticipate it having a long future in automation ahead of it even after passing the review. If this is an infantry account, you’re better off simply replacing it with another, regardless of what the final verdict was.

Severity Level: 7.5/10

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