Email used to verify an account is another variable that you’ll need to pay close attention to. Be careful creating or purchasing accounts that use mailing platforms like “” for verification purposes. The reason for that being, those mailing platforms uphold a far less rigorous standard for account generation than say Google or Yahoo. Instagram is aware of those “email mills” and views profiles that were verified via those mailing platforms in a negative light. They typically come pop3 enabled, making the process of verifying botted accounts by email far less cumbersome. Again though, this is just an inference of mine and there’s not enough information out there to prove or disprove this assumption, especially considering how many Eastern European Instagram users use platforms like “” as their primary email provider. As a Russian guy myself, I’m aware of its popularity within the region. However, I still stand by my notion that it’s safer to generate accounts using your standard, western-based email platforms that derive a higher level of assurance than off-shore, less established ones.

On a side note, do be aware that this is hardly a “make or break'' variable. In the hierarchy of factors influencing bans, I’ve deemed this one to not be as crucial, therefore I suggest you not place too much emphasis on it. accounts are very popular and can last for ages so long as they’re utilized in a thoughtful manner. If given a choice between a fresh, gmail-verified account and an aged, account, I’d go with the one any day. Same goes for Gmail/DC or proxies which we’ll cover soon. This variable ranks low in the totem pole of importance so don’t stress if you have to use non-western email platforms. I personally use to verify my accounts and I’d say it’s only a slight step above or rambler in terms of trust.

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