Strategy #2's Pros:

Does not necessitate a large upfront investment

Same as the first strategy, you won’t be needing a lot to get started with this method. All you need is just your one King account, a software license, a proxy and a couple of throwaway accelerator accounts to take on the bulk of the API calls.

Short follower trajectory

Again, once the user checks their story views or sees the reaction notification, they will be brought straight to your account. No intricate or labyrinthine trajectory.

High daily reach

With a potential “soft” reach of 10,000 targeted users and a “hard” reach of 2,200 targeted users daily, this is perhaps the best strategy in terms of effectiveness at small scale. Miles ahead of follows, likes or comments.

FAR safer than doing likes, follows or comments

Watching and reacting to stories is considered to be a “safer” traffic-generating action. You must really abuse the hell out of it to elicit some sort of penalty from the algorithm. In comparison to the functions located in the Mass Actions tab, your risk of getting banned is exponentially lower with this method, especially if you’re taking preventative measures such as the use of accelerators.

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