Strategy #8's Pros:

Great Growth-to-Action Ratio

As I’ve already mentioned, you’ll find that this method can have a fantastic growth to action ratio if implemented properly. There are a lot of factors that can influence it such as the actual quality of your quiz and whether you put in the time to make it engaging but if done semi-well, you’re guaranteed to see some semblance of growth regardless.

Pretty Versatile (I think)

Like I said, I’ve only really tested this method out within the music niche but I really don’t see why you couldn’t create a similar type of maze/quiz for just about any large market niche. For the more obscure niches, I can see this being a potential issue when utilizing the commenting method as the initial interaction but who knows. If you end up trying this method out for your niche/use case, feel free to send me a message on Telegram or Discord (@GreyHatNik) and let me know your results. I’ll come back and edit this strategy’s write-up further once we have more data to work with.

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