This block means it is time to say goodbye to an account. It’s pretty much bound to happen to a significant portion of your infantry on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this is just a cost of doing business. A cycle of life if you will. When you receive this penalty, it’s more efficient and cost-effective to simply discard the account altogether. Yes, there are ways to get the account back but it requires you to send relentless messages to IG support, submit a ton of support forms on FB and is generally just very time consuming. Unless you were automating your actual, main account, there’s simply no point wasting all that time and energy trying to reinstate an infantry account. It can take months to get it back so even the highest quality of infantry accounts that have been around for months aren’t worth the headaches that come with overcoming this penalty.

Again though, you must remember that this is a natural course of things and is bound to happen to a significant percentage of the Infantry account in your repertoire sooner or later. We obviously want to delay that point by whatever means possible but don’t get upset when it does finally occur. These accounts aren’t meant to last hence why they are the “Infantry”. However, if your accounts are getting this penalty within days of being automated, then yes, something is certainly going wrong with your set-up. An issue like this is usually solved by changing your proxies, changing where you acquire your infantry accounts from, or changing the aggressiveness of your settings.

Severity Level: 9/10

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