Strategy #2: Automating your King - Story Reactions (Small Scale InstaInfantry Customs)

This strategy came to fruition as a response to the dwindling effectiveness of the follow/unfollow method. Many people were having their large accounts being permanently disabled and locked as Instagram began enforcing more stringent regulations on the automation of accounts. Instead of giving up their black-hat ways altogether, many other practitioners like myself simply transitioned to a less spammier approach of reaching our targets - viewing and interacting with their stories.

This approach enables us to interact with a much greater amount of targets on a daily basis than is possible with any other action such as follows, likes or comments whilst keeping the accounts relatively safe. Watching stories doesn’t elicit as many action blocks as no explicit “action” is being done (excluding the obvious API calls that is) whilst interacting with the stories themselves carries the average action limit of 2.2k per day, exceeding follows by 1,100%. An average account running this strategy will have a “soft” reach of roughly 9,000 - 10,000 users per day via views and a “hard” reach of 1000 - 2000 users per day via story reactions (likes, quizzes, sliders, polls, etc.) The latter action results in notifications and having our account appear at the top of the story view list and thus, has a higher likelihood of resulting in a conversion.

The funnel trajectory here is pretty self-explanatory:

  1. Watch or watch + interact with the story of a target account

  2. User sees your account when looking through their story viewers or seeing the notification of our interaction

  3. User clicks on your profile out of curiosity, checks out your content and makes a decision as to whether or not to convert

As you can see, the trajectory within this strategy is just as simplistic as the first. The only true differentiator is the medium through which we interact with our targets. This strategy is technically identical to the InstaInfantry Customs Accounts method, a strategy I’ll be covering next and one that’s also purchasable from the GHM Shop. I’ve only divided these two into separate strategies because the execution will slightly differ depending on whether you’re working with an army of infantry accounts for the purpose of traffic generation or if you’re working with just one “King” account for the purpose of growth. However, the InstaInfantry Custom Accounts Service has both of these on offer; the difference is materialized by how many accounts you order to be run at once.

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