Introduction and Terminology

Now that we’ve covered the foundational principles of IG automation and the importance of various InstaInfantry features, let’s delve into the pragmatic side of things and examine the sets of strategies you can use to bolster your growth on Instagram. Before we dive into the actual strategies, I want to repeat something I had mentioned at the very beginning of the docs. Some of the strategies I’ll be mentioning here are extremely versatile and can be modified in ways that make them almost unrecognizable from the original. With InstaInfantry, you have virtually unlimited variants of them to play around with and you are welcome to combine as many aspects as you wish from the different methods to create fully unique ones that are optimal for achieving your objectives.

Throughout this chapter, I will be referencing some of the terminology I’ve introduced in the previous chapters but have not explained too well just yet. In case you didn’t derive the meaning of the term from general context, let me break some of them down now to minimize any confusion in the following sections.

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