The Welcome DM

The Welcome DM function allows you to reach out to the followers of your infantry accounts automatically. If your primary objective is to funnel traffic to your main account via the InstaInfantry Pyramid strategy or directly to a link such as your Shopify or OnlyFans link, this function is perfect for you. To utilize it, you can set up a message under the Welcome DM section to let new incoming followers of your infantry accounts know where they should ideally be going. The best thing about this particular DM feature is that the Welcome DMs will not be easily flagged as spam because you will only be sending messages to people who already follow you and have a history with you on Instagram. The messages will go directly to their general inbox as opposed to requests and there’ll be no easily accessible report button putting your infantry accounts at risk like regular DMs do.

That being said, there is still a recommended limit of 30 Welcome DMs per day which is seen in the Speed feature under the Welcome DM tab. You are still able to control how many welcome DMs your Infantry Accounts can send per day, but going beyond 30 per day should only be done at your own risk. Please note that your account’s trust score will largely dictate what’s deemed safe for your account and sending 30 Welcome DMs is only safe if your infantry accounts have already been sufficiently warmed up and have built up a cookie history on Instagram.

Just like the Reply to pending DM function, Welcome DMs also support Spintax, emojis, links, and variables that automatically input the receiver’s username or name.

  1. Input {{username}} as a placeholder for the receiver’s username

  2. Input {{full_name}} as a placeholder for the receiver’s full name as seen on their profile

  3. Input {{first_name}} as a placeholder for the receiver’s first name as seen on their profile

Now that we’ve covered all of the available tools to automate the management of your Infantry accounts’ DMs, the Direct (DM) Manager feature is also available for those looking to manually go through active DMs. Pending DMs from other accounts will also appear in this module.

When you receive a pending DM, the Direct Manager module will give you options to Accept, Decline, or Open Chat. You will also be given a preview of who the DM was from, what their display photo looks like, and what the first few lines of their DM request say.

Once you open the chat and reply to the DM, the module will automatically mark it as Accepted. Accepted DM requests will have options beside them that allow you to Mute Chat, Move to General, Open Chat, or Delete.

Selecting Open Chat will open up a chat box where you will see a text box where you can type and send messages to the users.Here you will see the transcript of messages between you and other respective users as well.

You may be wondering, in what instance would you use the Direct Manager if you already have automated messages? Well, apart from you, the main manager of these infantry accounts, your hired chatters could also use this module to manage DMs with your prospective leads more closely. This allows your leads to talk to someone who offers more than just pre-configured, automated messages. This is immensely useful if you’re a professional lead generator working in high-ticket sales or managing a large-scale OnlyFans management operation. DMs that you send to non-followers will also appear here so if in the event you want to run customized Mass DM campaigns that attempt to start an ongoing conversation with your targeted users, you can configure your Send Direct Messages feature to simply say some variation of “Hi” and build rapport with your leads over time.

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