Strategy #5's Cons:

Very Poor Targeting

Having experimented with this strategy quite a few times myself, perhaps my biggest gripe with it is that it does not captivate your targets to the extent that other methods do. It’s difficult to get much traction with this strategy as it doesn’t address users personally. For those of you who have attended a CPR course, do you remember how they taught you to ask passerbys for help? Hint: It wasn’t by yelling “someone call 911”. It was by directly pointing to an individual within the crowd and saying “You! Call 911!”.

That’s because when you deliver blanket statements with no real focus upon the person you’re intending to reach, it gets lost amidst all the other noise. I bring this up because amongst my several attempts at making this strategy work, I witnessed a very similar scenario unfold each time. Hundreds of people viewing the comments yet practically no new profile impressions. If you can really hone in on your select group of targets via good source selection and excellent comments, then I suppose it can work but I honestly believe that the vast majority of practitioners will fail to do so effectively.

Poor Infantry Longevity

Another major issue that plagues this methodology is the pretty low longevity exhibited in the infantry accounts executing this strategy. Your infantry’s combination of existential variables still has a significant effect on the lifespan of your accounts but ultimately, the behavioral variable is what does it in. Leaving unwanted, promotional comments on trending posts to horn in on its popularity is frowned upon by most of the Instagram community. It’s spammy, useless and 90% of the time, is incapable of contributing anything good to the discussion due to a lack of contextual clues.

If you’ve done any work in the finance niche, this method is very heavily associated with scammers. Go to any trending post within that niche and you’ll find several accounts promoting some forex guru promising to make you thousands of dollars in minutes. It’s a real bad look for any legitimate business and will surely decrease your trustworthiness within the audience’s eyes.

You’ll also find that owners of more niche pages will oftentimes delete your comments, meaning you could potentially be wasting your very limited amount of daily actions commenting on posts that will not even be seen by anyone.

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