Strategy #6: Mass Mentions

This is a strategy whose popularity peaked back in 2021/2022 but still has its place in today’s growth hacking landscape. This method tends to have a relatively streamlined trajectory and actually doesn’t differ much from the previous commenting variant. Its only real differentiator is that it tags target users in the comments of the King’s own posts as opposed to randomized, contextual comments on other people’s posts.

Let’s once again visualize the funnel trajectory to see how it works:

  1. Infantry is fed a list of target users, collected via scouts/scrapers/accelerators

  2. Infantry proceeds to make comments comprising entirely of tagged users on your King’s publications

  3. Users receive a notification that they’ve been tagged in a comment and proceed to view the post

  4. Upon viewing the post, they may browse through more of your King’s content and make a decision as to whether or not to convert

I know that I’ve written there as being 4 distinct junctions within this method’s follower journey but it’s actually three. The first step is simply a mechanical portion of implementing the strategy. It does not concern the target users themselves and does not pose as a barrier/action on their part.

This strategy is quite spammy in nature and makes the post appear very strange once the user sees the hundreds of other targets like themselves being randomly tagged in the comments. The only use case I’ve found this strategy to work well with are giveaway or loop campaigns, in which users are supposed to tag x amount of people/friends in their comments in order to participate in the giveaway. With other use cases, the strategy will just appear inorganic and most above-room-temperature-IQ targets will easily recognize the fact that they’ve been involved in some sort of spam campaign.

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