Strategy #8's Verdict: 🟡

I’m giving this strategy a “yellow-light” verdict on the basis of a few points. The first is that I just haven’t really tested it or worked with it enough across different niches/use cases to know it converts well for a wide variety of clients. It may literally only just work for growing music-related theme pages so I can’t really endorse it any further beyond just that one singular niche.

Two is just how expensive and time-consuming it is to run. Unlike with Pyramid, the infantry accounts we use have to be customized in a very specific way in order to run this method. Between the creation of the initial maze/quiz itself and then subsequent generation of batches of customized infantry accounts that’ll serve as the “entrance” into the funnel, setting it up and managing it would be a massive pain in the ass.

I have no intention of offering this strategy as a Done-For-You service in the GHM Shop largely because of the aforementioned reason but if you are a growth service provider looking to execute this method on behalf of your clients, be cognizant of the conflict of interest that may occur when utilizing the comment variant on trending posts. You could potentially be pinning your own clients against one another if they’re in the same niche and there might be serious issues if it comes to light that one client’s comments are ranking above another’s on the same exact posts.

However, if you’re using this strategy to just grow a singular account, I think you can certainly give it a go and expect to see at least some semblance of positive results. I honestly don’t even think you need to use automation to run this strategy as you can easily generate great results just by virtue of manual commenting and using an SMM panel to boost your comment to the top of the chain. In any case, if you do end up testing this strategy, do let me know as I’d be curious what other people’s results of it were like for different niches.

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