The GHM and InstaInfantry Philosophy

Before we begin covering the mechanical aspects of black hat marketing, I want to first discuss the philosophy of InstaInfantry and the fundamentals of social media growth hacking as a whole. There are a lot of players in this field and a lot of conflicting opinions on the best ways to leverage automation for growth and traffic. One of those aforementioned points of contention are whether or not you should be automating your important/high-value accounts.

If you look up “Instagram Bot” on Google, you’ll find no shortage of competitors out there using all sorts of advertorial language designed to make you believe that their tool is safe and has no chance of negative repercussions. I firmly believe that those claims are dishonest. I am from the school of thought that automation, even if done correctly, will always have some element of danger to it. Hell, I’ve seen accounts get flagged for automation that have never once been botted throughout their entire existence. If someone were to come to me and ask me, “Nik, I want to grow my already large 1M account using your tool, can I import my account and start running reactions on it?”, I would say absolutely not. Why risk a 1M account running interactions on it for a chance to gain maybe an additional 2-3k followers a month at best? The ROI simply doesn’t add up in those cases.

The concept of InstaInfantry was built on the premise that your main/large accounts should never be automated. I don’t make any promises as to how incredibly safe my bot is or that it’s using some state-of-the-art AI BS to avoid detection from a multi-billion dollar corporation’s algorithm for eons on end. That’s because I know that there is virtually no sure-fire way to guarantee your account’s safety when using third-party automation tools. Can you get away with it for months/years on end? Absolutely! I’ve done it first-hand with thousands of accounts by now. But have I gotten some of my accounts killed as well in the process? Indeed, I have. Tens of thousands of them in fact.

That is why InstaInfantry has the word “Infantry” in its name. It represents the idea that you should not be entirely dependent on just one main account to bring traffic to your desired links or pages. Instead, you should have an army of them. A so-called infantry of cloned or generic accounts automatically interacting with your audiences, sending Welcome DMs and doing their best to turn cold traffic into warm traffic. As morbid as this may sound, they’re pretty much like pawns or missionaries being that their purpose is to spread the word of their lord until their inevitable demise. We know that a percentage of these accounts have a chance of perishing sooner or later and we accept that. Our one and only goal is to extract as much value out of them as possible, with a variety of different strategies, before they kick the figurative bucket.

How you choose to extract said value out of them through automation is entirely up to you. If you’re a sales rep of sorts, looking to capture more leads in your DMs, the standard “InstaInfantry Custom Accounts” method of cloning accounts and treating each of them as a standalone “main” is perhaps your best solution. InstaInfantry has everything you need to manage hundreds of them at once, such as posting/reposting content, reaching out/conversing with your incoming traffic via the Direct Message Manager, and interacting with your target audiences through follows, likes or story reactions. You just treat them as you would treat any other regular account of yours.

However, if you are an influencer of sorts, an OnlyFans model, an artist, etc. whose main goal is to grow a centralized audience on just one main account for further nurturing and engagement, perhaps the “InstaInfantry Pyramid” strategy is a more effective solution for you. This strategy is where we use non-customized, secondary infantry accounts to bring traffic to your main and funnel them to their final destination only after they pass through the “middleman” account. If the “InstaInfantry Custom Accounts” method is scaled horizontally with no account ranking below or above another, you can think of the “InstaInfantry Pyramid” strategy as a scaling vertically, with your infantry accounts as being subservient slaves to your so-called “King” account. I’ll be providing more information about this method and its execution under the “Botting Strategies” chapter.

However, the beauty of InstaInfantry is that you have virtually unlimited variants of these strategies to play around with. You are welcome to combine as many aspects as you wish from the different methods I’ll be covering in this guide and create new, customized methods for acquiring and converting your traffic. Or you can disregard the philosophy altogether and simply use InstaInfantry in the same way you’d use any other bot, running the follow/unfollow strategy on it and racking in the gains. At the end of the day, the choice is entirely yours and I will not judge anyone who chooses to go down that route and for keeping it simple. But if you want to experiment with the evolved systems of traffic generation and make use of all that InstaInfantry is capable of, you are welcome to do so.

Without further ado, let’s get into the fundamentals:

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