Strategy #3: InstaInfantry Customs - Story Reactions (Large Scale)

As mentioned in the verdict of our previously covered strategy, there is almost no major mechanical difference between this variant of the story reactions strategy and the previous one. The only major differentiator between the two is the endmost objective behind them. The InstaInfantry Custom Accounts strategy is predicated on the fact that most clients purchasing it as a service aren’t purchasing it for the purposes of growth. They’re purchasing it for the purpose of generating and funneling traffic to their desired locations.

It comes back to the terminology that I covered in the Introduction to the Botting Strategies chapter. Strategy #2 revolves around the automation of King accounts/clients’ personal accounts that we cannot afford to lose. This strategy (Strategy #3) revolves purely around the use of infantry accounts. We can afford to lose these accounts because they are simply one amongst many. We obviously don’t want to lose them but losing a small percentage each month is expected and not going to destroy our entire operation or leave us with unhappy clients. It’s just an additional cost of doing business for us.

Strategies like this and the InstaInfantry Pyramid (which I’ll be covering next) are what InstaInfantry (the software) was primarily built around. The overarching philosophy that you shouldn’t be relying on just one account to do your dirty work and instead, have a whole army of them interacting with your target users and funnelling them to where they need to go. Now don’t get me wrong, InstaInfantry Customs can be used for the purposes of growth as well but it’s most common use case is for the purposes of funneling traffic to places outside of Instagram. That includes clients like OnlyFans Models, E-Com Stores, Course-Sellers, Casinos, Real Estate Agents, Lead Generators, Growth/Marketing Service Providers, and probably hundreds of other niches/businesses.

For the purposes of explaining the funnel trajectory of this method, I’ll just use one of my most common client archetypes these days as an example: OnlyFans models.

So let’s take an OnlyFans model and say we want to run 100 custom accounts for her. We’d take 100 aged, infantry accounts and rebrand each of them into looking like the real, main account of the model. We want to try to make these accounts appear legitimate so we take our time adding new posts, adding captions to them, placing a high-converting bio and obviously, an OF link (ideally a linktree for safety) right below the bio. Once we’re done with the branding process, we have 100 customized infantry accounts representing the model that are ready to start interacting with the target users.

Once we settle on the accounts whose followers we believe are the ideal audience for this model (usually accounts of other OF models with similar characteristics), we proceed to run the exact same strategy as described in Strategy #2: Story Reactions.

We run only story reactions on these accounts because, again, story functionality enables us to interact with a much greater amount of targets on a daily basis than is possible with any other action such as follows, likes or comments whilst keeping the accounts relatively safe. Watching stories doesn’t elicit as many action blocks as no explicit “action” is being done (excluding the obvious API calls that is) whilst interacting with the stories themselves carries the average action limit of 2.2k per day, exceeding follows by 1,100%. An average account running this strategy will have a “soft” reach of roughly 9,000 - 10,000 users per day via views and a “hard” reach of 1000 - 2000 users per day via story reactions (likes, quizzes, sliders, polls, etc.) The latter action results in notifications and having our account appear at the top of the story view list and thus, has a higher likelihood of resulting in a conversion.

In the context of an OF model, this method can be very OP because to most target users, it’ll appear as if some random, attractive girl had viewed and/or liked one of their stories. They’ll be inclined to go check out the infantry account that had interacted with them and this is where the InstaInfantry Custom Accounts strategy starts to deviate from the King - Story Reactions strat: the funnel optimization options.

Because we’re no longer as concerned about losing our accounts, we are free to enable certain funnel optimization actions like Welcome DMs to users that followed one of our infantry accounts. In the context of an OF model, perhaps we’d say something like “Thanks for following my page, check out the link in bio to receive a free gift”. It’d obviously be a bit more persuasive than that but you get the idea. Now, if you’re having 100 of these accounts, each sending out 30 Welcome DMs per day, that becomes very powerful in terms of redirecting traffic. Welcome DMs often exhibit a far higher open and conversion rate than Mass DMs (another strategy I’ll be covering later in this chapter) because they go directly to the target’s general inbox instead of the requests folder.

Some of my OF agency clients have taken it a step further and use virtual assistants to conduct custom chatting operations with the leads and have on-going discussions with them via the Direct Manager module. All Welcome DMs or regular DMs sent from your infantry accounts will appear in that module and you can use it to have a full-on conversation with your converted targets if the need arises. This is especially useful if you’re in a small market niche that generally has a longer sales cycle like certain course-sellers, real estate agents or high-ticket BDRs. You’re able to send more customized messages and engage in a more organic conversation with your leads, minimizing the losses that come with sending generic, “click link in bio” message templates.

Now that we have a full understanding of the method’s trajectory, let’s move onto the actual execution of the strategy via the InstaInfantry software.

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