Botting Fundamentals

Earlier in the preface, I mentioned that to first strike a balance between maximum growth and limited risk, one must test a large variety of parameter settings to extract as much value as possible from each botted account. To reach that aforementioned state of equilibrium, we must start from somewhere. Accounts and proxies are not particularly expensive but when you’re burning through hundreds of accounts on a monthly basis trying to capture all the attention you can get, the expenditure column really starts adding up.

One of the most common misconceptions among first-time InstaInfantry buyers is that all they need to start dominating Instagram is a license to use the tool. Many a time I’ve received complaints from clients who failed to read any of my tutorials/case studies prior to purchasing the tool, claiming that the tool wasn’t in a working condition given they didn’t have any of the essentials.

If this is your first time exploring Instagram automation please note: InstaInfantry is simply a software. More specifically, it is a software designed to facilitate the automation of accounts to execute various actions that THEN bring traffic to said accounts.

Without the bare essentials like accounts and proxies (which we’ll be talking about shortly), the software on its own is useless. So please make sure to have accounts and proxies on standby prior to purchasing a monthly license to avoid any time wastage. If you need to purchase either accounts or proxies, please navigate to the GHM SellPass Shop where you can do so.

Now that we’re on the topic of accounts, let’s discuss what makes a “good” or “bad” account and how it impacts your botting operations as well as the various factors such as age of an account you’ll need to pay attention to when running black hat campaigns. And as you’ll soon find out, the age of an account is a factor that warrants a significant allotment size in our hypothesized “likelihood of getting banned” formula, often referred to by practitioners as the so-called “Trust Score” of an account.

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