“Your Post Goes Against Our Community Guidelines” Challenge

This one is of a similar vein as the automated behavior checkpoint. Again, it’s very easily resolvable and doesn’t really impact the account in too significant of a way. This challenge can occur pretty regularly when you are using the Repost module discussed in the Branding Accounts section of the docs. Generally, Instagram is able to spot content that’s being reposted by tracking its hash. This tends to occur most often if you are consistently reposting content from a singular source since it sees the same hashes appear over and over again.

To prevent this challenge from appearing in the future, try to not repost more than one piece of content from a singular source per day if you can help it. This challenge can also occur as a result of people reporting the content but that occurrence is even more rare in most instances.

Resolving this checkpoint has the same degree of ease as the previous one. Just click on the blue “OK” button in your device or emulator and everything will go back to normal. However, this challenge does have a slightly higher severity score and you generally only get about three of these before it escalates into a suspension.

Severity Level: 2.5/10

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