Manual Editing and Mass Editing

Now that you’ve added your first infantry account to the tool, it is time to brand them. If you’re purchasing aged, pre-warmed accounts from the GHM shop, you’ll usually get an account that already has some random posts on it and anywhere between a few to a few dozen followers that were gained through automated follow/unfollow. These accounts have basically already gone through what we refer to as the “warm-up” process and are capable of hitting high action limits without getting action blocked. This so-called warm-up process is an integral part of any Instagram black hat activity as it gives your account what practitioners in the community refer to as a high “trust score”. An account that was created very recently, has a “New” label attached to it, and has little to no prior activity on it would be classified as a “low trust score” account and thus, be more prone to receiving relogins or even falling prey to suspensions when running any automated activities. If you’re working with accounts of such caliber, you will need to be very careful with how you use them in those first few weeks as that will determine whether they become a trustworthy account with high action limits or receive a swift ban hammer from the algorithm.

In the “Accounts” section of your dashboard, you’ll be able to view and edit accounts you’ve added into InstaInfantry. On the boxes representing individual accounts, you will find two buttons: EDIT PROFILE and VIEW TIMELINE. By clicking on the EDIT PROFILE button, you will be presented with a range of editing options for you to brand your accounts in a manner you see fit. Here, you can change the profile’s name, edit the profile’s bio, change the profile picture, and add/alter the link in bio among other things. Pre-warmed accounts purchased from the GHM Shop will also oftentimes have existing posts on them, which you could either keep, archive or delete in this section. That being said, you should note that it is recommended to ARCHIVE existing posts RATHER THAN DELETING them all at once, as doing mass deletions of posts could be flagged as suspicious behavior and potentially lower the account’s trust score.

If you need to edit accounts at scale and don’t have to manually customize dozens or hundreds of accounts one by one, you can use the Edit module. Here, you will be met with options to Change Profile Picture, Change Usernames, Change Full Name, Change Bio, Change Bio Link, Change Gender, Change Privacy, Change Password, and Change Proxies, respectively.

When selecting one of these options, you will see a textbox labeled as “Connect Accounts'' where you can type in given shortcodes. Typing in one asterisk (“ * “) will display accelerators/scrapers, two asterisks (“ ** “) will display main accounts, an asterisk and a letter “s” (“ *s “) will automatically use all accelerator accounts, and an asterisk and a letter “m” (“ *m “) will automatically use all main Instagram accounts.

As you select components of the account you would like to mass edit, you will be presented with text boxes where you can input your desired custom changes. When selecting to edit usernames, for example, you’ll need to write the exact usernames you want the accounts to display in the text box. Each line will be correlated to a new username so make sure that the quantity of usernames/lines you insert into the text box correlates with the quantity of accounts you are attempting to re-brand.

If you fail to give an adequate amount of usernames or provide usernames that are taken/unavailable, instainfantry will begin to add random characters at the end of the handle until it finds a value that’s available.

I won’t be explaining every single editing feature here as most of them should be pretty self-explanatory and are covered by the notes embedded beneath the text boxes. Just play around with them and you should get an intuitive understanding of how to utilize them pretty quickly.

As a final note on the subject of branding, please be careful when making certain edits to accounts as it can sometimes deplete their trust scores. Archiving/deleting a bunch of posts in one go as soon as you login from a new IP is one such example of that as it can be deemed as suspicious behavior and lead to automatic logouts/relogins. Username, password and email changes are the most detrimental changes you can make to an account. The hierarchy goes like this:

1. Email/phone change

2. Password/username change

3. Mass Post Deletion/Archiving

4. Name change

5. Bio/link change

6. IP/Geo switch

7. Profile pic/post uploads

The higher up the hierarchy the respective edit is, the more of an effect it will have on depleting your infantry account’s trust score. Now, I’m not saying that you absolutely shouldn’t change usernames as that would obviously make it very difficult to properly brand accounts and optimize conversions. I’m just saying that you should expect a potential decrease in your action limits over the next couple of days after executing these edits. By simply running normal story actions (which I’ll be covering in the following section), your trust score and action limits will increase as a result of that until you’re back to the account’s previously held action limits.

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