Phone Number

The phone number used to verify an account harbors practically the exact same implication as what I’ve written above for the email. Numbers based in third-world countries are also presumed to negatively affect the initial rating bestowed upon an account. The same set of principles apply. Lower cost to obtain equals lower barrier to entry. Lower barrier to entry equals easier access to bots. And easier access to bots - bad for Instagram.

In addition, it is highly advisable to use phone numbers with area codes that reflect the positioning of your proxies. If you’re using a Thai SIM to verify an account running on a Brazilian proxy, that’s not a good look for your profile.

My accounts are generally created using eastern european numbers, same geo as my GHM Proxies. I find that eastern europe is an affluent enough region to not elicit as much suspicion from Instagram while avoiding the ridiculous price tags that come with the popular, “safe” geos like the US and western europe. With that said, I know plenty of practitioners that use Indonesian or Indian phone numbers for verification purposes with almost no discernible difference. That’s why this variable is almost identical to the email as it has little to no visible impact on the trust score of an account.

When you’re purchasing premade accounts from the GHM Shop, the numbers I used to verify the accounts get removed prior to being loaded into the shop. This is done to prevent you from getting locked out of the account in the future, which is commonly done with any virtual number you can only use a single time. If you’d like to know where to obtain single-use virtual numbers from just about any geo, I’m willing to introduce you to a few options in my hour-long consultation service.

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