Strategy #4's Pros:

Highly Scalable AND Flexible

As a service provider who generates traffic on behalf of others, the Pyramid strategy is actually my most favorite strategy to run purely because of how easy it is to execute, the short amount of prep-time involved (usually taking 3 - 5 days to reach full speed) and its general effectiveness in growing large-market-niche accounts. If some infantry accounts perish or get action blocked, I can instantly replace them and keep the operation moving smoothly without any hiccups. That’s why when I offer Pyramid as a service, I charge clients based on the number of interactions I run for them as opposed to the duration of time that the service will run for like I do with the InstaInfantry Custom Accounts Service.

Whether it’s 750k or 30M interactions, the timeframe it takes for me to deliver them is basically always the same given that the only differentiator lies in the quantity of generic accounts I’ll be needing to use to reach the desired volume (which I can increase or decrease at a moment’s notice). Overall, if you are a service provider that works with a ton of different niches/King accounts, you’ll be hard pressed to find a strategy that’s as efficient and flexible as this one.

Relatively Decent Infantry Longevity

Although this strategy is far from being as “safe” as the previous strategies we’ve covered, it’s still not too bad. Obviously, the introduction of actions like follows and story posting raises the risk profile significantly (hence why I didn’t include story tagging in the previous methods) but you can still have some infantry accounts last for months on end. Your profit margin on the execution of this strategy will largely just come down to how cheap you’re getting your aged, high-trust-score accounts for.

Reach Users That You Cannot Reach via Story Reactions

Because we are maxing out our limits across all actions with this method, we have the capability to interact and convert users that are not reachable with just story reactions. Some of those users may not have stories or may have private pages so the introduction of actions like follows, likes and comments gives us a new medium through which we can interact with them. This opens up a larger pool of potential leads and gives us the ability to be more selective/focused with our targeting.

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