Navigating your target audience can sometimes prove to be more difficult than one typically anticipates. If you have an intimate, in-depth understanding of your niche, then the struggle obviously diminishes. But when handling a large variety of clients across various niches, you’ll certainly have your work cut out for you as you can never become fully immersed in a singular niche.

Having worked with a large number of clients in various niches/industries, I’ve come to find that a significant percentage of newcomers take a very lackadaisical approach when it comes to their audience selection. With some niches that are more obscure, it’s a bit understandable but when people in large-market niches come to me with the most generic targeting sources, I cringe a little knowing how scattered that audience will be.

The truth of the matter is that targeting is by far the most important factor of any black hat marketing campaign. You can have the best software and the best infantry accounts in the world doing millions of interactions per day but if all of those interactions are being spent on users that have virtually zero interest in your niche/offering, you’re screwed. No strategy and no method will save you from that. Targeting is and will always be at the forefront of any successful strategy execution.

And that’s what we’ll be focusing on in this chapter: how to truly hone in on your ideal audience sources. For the purposes of this chapter, I’m only really going to be focusing on two niches that I am most familiar with: Music and OnlyFans. I’ve obviously worked with significantly more niches than that but if I got into the nitty gritty of every single niche’s/industry’s ideal targeting approach, this would end up being a whole nother ebook. If your primary niche is outside of these two, just try to take what you can out of this chapter and apply those parallels to your own targeting procedures. At its very core, targeting is the same across all niches. It’s simply the process of finding locations (a.k.a. sources) on Instagram where your ideal audience is most likely to be. Now let’s get into it!

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