I’d like to “preface this preface” by noting that this is my first time writing a piece of content this large but it's also the first time I’ve truly covered the science of Instagram automation from top to bottom. Perhaps you want to learn IG automation to grow your own, existing business. Perhaps you’re trying to start a side-hustle of growing other people’s accounts via my methods. Or maybe you just wanna learn how it all works and what the secret sauce is behind massive bot networks.

If that’s the case, I’m sure you’ll find that this e-book long guide contains the majority of what you’re looking for.

Instagram automation has become increasingly more difficult over the years. Gone are the days when a simple script is capable of operating hundreds of bots to perform thousands of actions without getting banned. Instagram’s algorithm is now far more advanced and is therefore much more adept at detecting accounts running on scripted software.

There are several ways to combat this but they all share a common basis point: programming our bots to act as human-like as possible. That means no robotic sequences of action, different digital footprints and a lot of randomized behavioral patterns. The entire process of finding a balance between growth and caution is administered through good ol’ trial and error. We want to maximize the growth each botted account yields while ensuring it remains under the algorithm’s radar. In order to reach an equilibrium between the two, one must test many, many, many sets of parameters. What’s worse is that the Instagram algorithm is an ever-evolving beast. What worked in the past may prove useless if tried now. Thus, the strategies used to run botting operations must evolve alongside it if the rate of growth is to be sustained.

Before diving head first into the logistics, I’d like to make clear that everything I’ll be covering in this guide are considered to be black hat tactics. These kinds of tactics are generally frowned upon by many marketing communities along with the social media platforms themselves. A lot of money is actively being invested to prevent these strategies from being fruitful. After all, it’s in Meta’s best interests to do so given the fact that strategies like these eat into their ad revenue stream which is effectively their primary (and truthfully only) source of income. A lot may be accomplished only to be taken away as soon as the algo catches a whiff of the racket. It’s a real “live by the sword, die by the sword” scenario so do prepare for potential consequences.

And one last thing: There is this common misconception out there that by using black-hat methodology, one can get away with having poor quality content. I wanna expel that notion right away. Content is and will always be king. If you are providing zero value to the people you manage to bring onto your page, regardless of whether it was through white-hat or black-hat methods, your venture is unlikely to be successful. The reason why I call myself a Grey Hat Marketer as opposed to a pure-blooded, black hat one is because I never compromise on content. The only thing we are automating here is manual interaction. These sets of strategies aim to “bring the horse to water”. Your content serves as the ultimate catalyst of whether it drinks it or not.

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