The Activity Time Settings

The Activity Time Settings allows you to choose or randomize the times that your infantry accounts are online and active to make them feel more human. Being online at varying times rather than 24/7 makes them seem less like bots and more like actual people, which leads them to have a potentially higher “trust score” on Instagram. In doing so, your infantry accounts can continue to fly under Instagram’s radar and continue to do work for you automatically for months and even years.

To effectively use the Activity Time Settings, you should Randomize the times at which the accounts are active and make sure that they are not active for more than 14 hours per day. Again, you want your Infantry accounts to feel human, and no normal human is spending 14 hours per day solely on Instagram.

NOTE: Activity Time Settings is a useful feature for the longevity of your infantry accounts. As I mentioned in the Parameter Settings section, you do not want your infantry accounts to behave like bots and randomizing your activity time settings helps you avoid that detection.

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