Strategy #9's Verdict: 🟡

I am as neutral as can be on this strategy. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it but I also wouldn’t advise to steer clear of it. It’s just kinda one of those strategies that you revisit every once in a while to see if it has improved. It’s just not reliable at all and has far too many factors influencing it than we can account for. Even when you finally reap the benefits of it, you’re left wondering whether it was the strategy that had worked or whether it was just the natural course of things and would've happened regardless. Either way, I say feel free to experiment with this one however much you want but do prepare to eventually move on to something else.

I do offer this strategy as a Done-For-You service in the GHM Shop under Artificial Engagement but mainly just for shits and giggles. This is only really meant to be purchased by those who are staunchly against any form of black hat marketing that we’ve covered in the previous strategies and just want increased chances of potentially making it on the explore page or perhaps purely for cosmetic reasons. If you are serious about generating traffic or leads to your pages, do not purchase this service as there’s no guarantee that it will actually bring you any real traffic. I don’t really offer guarantees for any of my services but it goes doubly-so for this method. The only thing I guarantee with this strategy is that 4,000 of my generic, female infantry accounts will follow your page, 80% of them will like your posts and view your stories, and 1-3% of them will share, comment on and save your content everyday for a month.

There is a very strong possibility that once I stop running the bots, the account will return back to its original state as if nothing happened, so again, only purchase this service at your own risk. Choose any other strategy if you want at least some semblance of positive results guaranteed by the end of it as this is definitely not one of them.

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