Strategy #9: Artificial Engagement

This may be the safest strategy of all because it’s the only strategy where you’re not actively disturbing the serenity of your unsuspecting targets with botted actions. Instead, you’re only using automation to spruce up your engagement rate and make Instagram think the post is more engaging than it truly is. Or at least, that’s the theory behind this method.

Here’s the general trajectory:

  1. You program your Infantry to follow your King

  2. You program your infantry to like, comment, save and share your posts once encountered in their personalized feed, ideally within the first 20 minutes of you posting it

  3. Infantry executes and you now have a much stronger probability of reaching the explore page

That’s it. Notice that there is no funnel trajectory to this method given that you’re not sourcing for targets directly. There are no people involved, only a set of scripts interacting with one another. In a way, this is almost like a white-hat method really. Just a slight manipulation of the algorithm for the possibility of reaping its many benefits. For once, we are not actively fighting it but rather playing along with it. This time around, we actually want it to notice us receiving all this natural-looking engagement and bless us with a trip to the explore page.

Now, you’ll definitely need to follow the process as I’ve outlined it above. Certainly do not go and purchase fake likes to any given post. That doesn’t do shit and never did. If anything it’ll raise unnecessary suspicion and likely guarantee that the post DOESN’T make it to the explore page. It is crucial that your bots:

  1. Follow you

  2. Get to your post via their feed, not via the URL

  3. Do not simultaneously all like and comment on the post the literal second you publish it

So long as the above conditions are met, you’ll theoretically increase your chances of organic reach by a pretty significant margin.

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