“We Suspect Automated Behavior” Challenge

This challenge may seem menacing at first but it’s not something many should get overly concerned about. It’s basically guaranteed to happen with most infantry accounts and all that really happens as a result of it is a slight decrease in trust score. I’ve seen accounts get a dozen of these before actually getting hit with something more serious.

When they send you a challenge of this nature, it’s more of a scare tactic than anything else. There’s not much data there to prove automated behavior is actually happening besides just the repetition of certain actions which any regular user is capable of doing as well. The fact that this checkpoint can be resolved by simply hitting the blue “Dismiss” button in your device or emulator is a testament to that.

InstaInfantry will automatically dial back the limits on accounts that get this so you don’t even really need to rest your accounts. Just proceed with business as usual and the slight impairment to the trust score will ameliorate itself in a matter of days. Once you start receiving captcha checkpoints is when you know the “suspicion” has evolved into certainty. But until then, don’t fret too much if you encounter this.

Severity Level: 1.5/10

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