Sourcing for Active Users

When choosing your sources, there are a plethora of factors that may affect your growth-to-action ratio that aren’t necessarily related to an account’s health. So far, we’ve only covered sourcing for targets from a look-a-like’s list of followers. The issue with using that as a source stems from the fact that a sizable portion of their users may be inactive and hardly ever interact with their content. To a certain degree, those types of followers are simply dead weight that drag down the page’s engagement and will likely do the same to yours.

To decrease the extent to which you waste your Infantry’s actions on these types of users, instead of scraping for targets via a look-a-like’s following, you scrape them via the likes of their most recent posts. That ensures that you’re not:

A) Unknowingly targeting users who haven’t opened Instagram in ages

B) Targeting users who will simply follow and never interact with the content in your niche

Thus, you’ll find yourself boasting a much stronger GTAR and maximize the usefulness of the followers you attract to your King.

This approach of course varies quite drastically niche to niche as some are far more obscure than others (read: localized businesses) but for a niche as broad as music or OF, you won’t have much issue sourcing for large amounts of targets with this method.

However, if you have to choose between targeting the followers of an amazing, well-fitting source or targeting the likers of a so-so, mediocre source, you’re infinitely better off sticking with the followers of the amazing source. Do not feel like you need to dilute your pool of strongly-aligned targets with more “meh” ones simply on the basis that they are more active. So long as you are conducting a thorough assessment of your sources, losing 10-15% of your actions on dead or inactive users is preferable to interacting with 50% of active users that have a very limited interest in whatever it is you are peddling.

When clients order Done-For-You services from me in the GHM Shop, such as InstaInfantry Customs or InstaInfantry Pyramid, I scrape a healthy mix of both, followers and likers from their provided sources. So again, do not insert just any mediocre source simply because they have the highest engagement. Instead, analyze the content and see it from the target user’s perspective as to whether or not it's a good fit for your use case.

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