The Custom Delays

The Custom Delays feature adds even more to the Activity Time Settings feature, both in functionality and risk. This feature is only recommended for those who already have relatively good knowledge in the space of automation and know the API limits for their Infantry accounts. This feature is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEWBIES in the space of automation. There is no need to get into this feature if you would like to play it safe for your Infantry accounts. The default settings are meant to act as an autopilot for this feature and should already be relatively safe for aged, pre-warmed Infantry accounts. If you think that you know what you are doing and you want to test the limits of your already-established Infantry accounts, then you are welcome to tinker around with the settings but only do so at your own risk.

NOTE: Again, the Custom Delays function is NOT MEANT FOR NEWBIES and SHOULD NOT BE TINKERED WITH unless you have an intermediate amount of knowledge in social media automation. Only change these settings if you are well versed in Instagram APIs and know what you are getting into; setting the ranges for these limits too high will result in humanly impossible action speeds and will lead to inevitable bans.

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